What is the Market Center Strategic Revitalization Plan?

The Market Center Strategic Revitalization Plan (SRP) is a blueprint for the revitalization of Market Center, Baltimore’s historic retail core. Though Market Center has been the subject of many plans over the years, the area still lacks a clear identity or a vision for the role this central area can play in Baltimore. This community-driven document, reflecting input from residents, business and property owners, students, workers, the arts community, institutions, and the public sector, will include a shared vision, goals and objectives, and a 3-5-year implementation strategy.

Market Center consists of 27 blocks roughly bound by Liberty/Cathedral, Baltimore, Paca, and Franklin Streets. See map below.

The SRP will address housing, economy, transportation, environment, quality of life, community engagement, and possibly other topics which arise during the process.

Please visit this site again on Monday, January 21, when we will have additional information about the plan!

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